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  • 2015年04月08日 - No regret!
  • I just saw something nice on a TV program.

    This 20 year old boy has never had a girlfriend before but in the program he for the first time tried to get one at a cherry blossom park.

    He found a girl he liked and asked her which direction Okachimachi was pretending that he didn’t know.

    The girl answered ”No idea!”.

    Then I thought he would give up on her but he didn’t.

    He again went to the girl and this time told her that he actually didn’t mean to ask her for directions but he liked her from the first sight, so he wanted to talk to her.

    Soon after he asked her for her contact and surprisingly she gave it to him!

    It was unbelievable!

    What I liked about this scene is that he said to her ”If I missed this opportunity, I would never be able to get it back, so I decided to ask.”.

    This REALLY showed we all shouldn’t simply abandon something but rather we should go for it because you would never know what could happen.

    This was a great example of it.

    One more thing…

    If you are TRULY honest to your feelings, you can do something that you don’t normally think you can.

    In other words you may be able to output hidden energy by actually causing an action.

    Well, I personally don’t want to regret something not doing, so I guess I will keep on using my instict to move forward.

    Good night.

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